POEMS · Meritxell Cucurella-Jorba · english

Meritxell Cucurella-Jorba · translation · english · poems of his latest book: ÚRSULA (2017) · fragments

With my feet firmly rooted in the mud of this land that doesn’t belong to me, with wings outstretched and loose to all the winds, with glance projected far away, there where the view ends and where the green of the hills turns blue and merges with the sky, with an open heart, as an open sea, as a whole, I say goodbye.

Watch your feet: they are nailed to the ground and advance blind.
Watch your hands: they are wings challenging the skies.
Watch your eyes: they are all fire and all wind and all together stir up, and burn it all.
The roads, the margins, the shortcuts.
The sun, the beasts all, you, me.

Come on.
The only fear is to not think.





Run, go up, down, go. Always go. And going there, do not ask where, you will find the fire.

The fire of the free.
The fire of the eyes.
The fire of the poet who always reads poems to those sitting in the last row.
The fire of who is always located in the last row.
The fire of the fire.
The fire I am.
The fire that burns.
The fire that is water.
The fire that retires.
The fire that is crazy about the flames.
The flames that go no, even knowing the fire is crazy for them.
The fire of the sun.
The fire in the sky when the sun ignites it.
The fire of leaves’s embryos when they melt to become leaves.
The fire of new beings that swim in someone else’s body.
The fire of that other body.
The fire of all other bodies.
The fire of the mouth that says fire and gives fire.
The gift made fire from the mouth of fire.
The fire of each kiss of fire.
The hot and smoky aftertaste of the fire of the kiss of fire from the mouth of fire.
The fire that turns you on.
The fire that does not let us sleep at night or day.
The fire that we are, you are, I am.
And that we will go on being.
The fire that runs up and down and leaves.
That leaves for running
and going up
and down
and again.

Calm down. That we have burned nothing here. We are far from here and from everywhere.


I come and go from myself to go back to you, and I still do not know who you are. Nothing can ever be fully known.

But we must start somewhere. If it is the fire it is the fire. And if it is the night it is the night.

I am the drug that hides the love you do not want to see in me.
I am the vice that charms you and kills your other vices.
I am the drug,
I am the vice and
I am all you, even though
you do not want to see me.

I am the drug.
I am the vice.
I am love and artifice.



© text: Meritxell Cucurella-Jorba, el dígraf del desitx
© translation: Jessica Pujol
© typography and design: Josep Patau
© collage&drawings: Jordi Pagès
© photo: Xavier Minguella

Publisher: El cep i la nansa (Vilanova i la Geltrú)

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